Photo of a Strong Woman Executive

The exec.TRAITS Survey lays out an ancient, yet current, organizational management structure now called the C-Suite. The C-Suite is normally headed by a CEO, COO, CIO, and CFO with a cast of other high level Vice Presidents and Directors often included in Boards, Governing Bodies and Committees.

The C-Suite positions hold substantial power in societies around the world. The character traits or personalities of the leaders filling these positions embody aspects of ancient archetypes described by Jungian analysts. These traits are less about competencies and more about underlying proclivities in personality styles in professionals who aspire to these positions. The exec.TRAITS Survey translates each individual’s traits into leadership behaviors.

The 15 personality styles in the exec.TRAITS Survey are:

• Chief Executive Officer or CEO of For Profit– (Zeus) or in a Non-Profit– (Poseidon)
• Chief Operations Officer or COO– (Apollo)
• Chief Information Officer or CIO– (Hephaestus)
• VP of Marketing– (Ares)
• VP of Communications and PR– (Hermes)
• VP of Strategy and Market Research– (Athena)
• VP of HR– (Demeter)
• VP of Creative Advertising– (Aphrodite)
• Director of Special Products– (Artemis)
• Director of Employee Development and Training– (Psyche)

Supporting Cast Members are:

• Executive Assistant to CEO– (Hera)
• Director of Employee Counseling– (Hestia)
• Intern– (Persephone)
• Director of Innovation– (Dionysus)