Exec.Traits Survey
Measures personality patterns of an ancient mythical greek family, namely Zeus, his siblings and progeny.
Leaders Taking The Test
are able to see how they relate to each archetype and assess the effects on their leadership styles.

In addition to normal leadership skills like project management or interpersonal skills, these archetypes address challenges in the workplace, such as, the use of power, the subtleties of politics, male and female dynamics, and the shadow side of human behavior.

Leadership Styles

As a leader, do you throw thunderbolts from on high like Zeus or compete coolly from a distance like Artemis?

Are are you a strategic thinker like Athena or impulsive decision-maker like Ares?

After reviewing their profiles, leaders can address their behaviors to become more effective at work and at home. All responses to the Profile are coded and remain confidential in our data base: their primary purpose is to refine, standardize and create norms for the archetypes.