Photo of Lana Wertz

Lana Wertz is an executive development specialist, CEO and President of Lana Wertz Executive Development LLC.  Formerly a Founder and Partner of Mythic Leaders LLC with Wendy Jo Johnson, a licensed clinical counselor (L.P.P.C.) they co-developed the Mythic Leaders Profile. Now titled the exec.TRAITS Survey it assesses male and female leadership styles. These archetypal patterns reveal critical differences in  leadership styles of men and women in organizations that are essential to their performance and potential as executives.  The data from the survey show that women are significantly lower in masculine leadership behaviors making them less prepared for C-Suite positions while men have integrated feminine leadership behaviors equal to the norms of women.  This information fuels Lana’s passion for educating those in leadership to these archetypal patterns.

As the 7th woman executive at Aetna Life and Casualty she led the company’s goal to increase the representation of women and minorities in management.  She co-founded the Aetna Institute for Corporate Education and created and directed the Executive Development Department at Aetna. She produced extensive executive education programs at Aetna. At Capital Holding she led the Capital Holding Learning Institute whose mission was to assist the holding company to become an integrated operating company through the executives of the various companies.  During her years inside corporations through action learning and executive coaching she:

  • Developed and implemented strategic support programs for as many as 4,000 officers.
  • Assisted senior managers at the highest levels to assess and develop critical performance areas.
  • Assisted hundreds of women and minorities to prepare themselves for executive positions.


With Meg Wheatley, author of Leadership and the New Science and award winning management consultant, Lana co-founded the Berkana Institute in 1992, a not for profit focusing on life affirming leadership.  As a Board Member working with Meg she developed Berkana Learning Journeys for people to experience life affirming leadership arising in South Africa and Zimbabwe. Lana also organized the Berkana’s Women’s Leadership Revival Tours in 16 cities in the USA and Canada.

Lana was selected as a workplace development technical adviser for the United Nations International Labor Organization (ILO). Working with 52 countries of the world she helped develop policies that serve workers and employers especially in developing countries worldwide.

Lana is a modern day bard incorporating singing into her motivational speeches to enliven and entertain collaborating with Garrett and Elizabeth Sorenson, exciting and experienced Metropolitan Opera singers and teachers. Garrett produces and directs the C-Suite Cabaret telling Lana’s story of becoming an executive.  She shares her personal struggles as well as her accomplishments. A central goal of the Cabaret is to reveal key facts uncovered in the data of the exec.TRAITS Survey highlighting the differences in scores between men’s and women’s norms in traits required for those aspiring to C-Suite positions .

Ken Linfield, PhD, earned his degree in Clinical/Community Psychology at the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign with a minor in quantitative psychology. 

His interests include various elements of religious faith and spirituality, and the relation of religion and spirituality to a broad range of Mental Health issues, including positive elements such as well-being. In addition, he maintains an interest in many elements of research and analysis such as multivariate techniques, structural equation modeling, and qualitative as well as quantitative data analysis. Dr. Linfield is the program evaluator for a number of on-going projects in Louisville. He is on the editorial board for the journal of APA’s Division 36: Psychology of Religion and Spirituality. He teaches graduate courses in psychometrics, research design, statistics, and program evaluation, in addition to two undergraduate courses: Psychology of Religion, and Community Psychology.